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Sylvia Sheedy -(Founder) Drums/Percussion/Harmony Vocals. 

Coming from Victoria - Sylvia has been playing drums since her early teens, she turned many a head in earlier days, as girls just didnít play drums let alone be in a band with the guys - how things have changed. 
She was with the "Bomboras" a top band in the 60s. Coming to Qld she freelanced, working with the Zephyrs, was an original member of the Rock íNí Rebels band. Then she formed her own band, "DANCE ON" which has taken 5 years and a lot of hard work.

Colin Cooper - Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals.

Long time favourite with audiences from Bandstand days and many years in the Sydney Club circuit, now residing in Qld. Playing classic rock íní roll, country, including songs from Elvis and the Beatles. 
Whether it be solo or with Dance On Band.
He is renowned for his easy style of singing and dance music.

Tony Blake - Bass Guitar/Harmony and Vocals.

Has played all over the world. An accomplished reader and top musician. Former member of Rumours (Fleetwood Mac show), and Scandal show. Also a former member of the Chevrolets.
Tony can play all aspects of music and is a great asset to the band with his easy style of Bass Guitar and Harmony vocals.

Rick Harris - Guitar and Lead Vocals.

Has worked extensively as a vocalist and compare, appearing with many
International Artists, too many to name. Originally with the Silhouettes, then moving on to form his own band the "Rock íNí Rebels".
Rick has a wide vocal range, covering rock íní roll, country and big ballads, also a
songwriter and an accomplished rhythm/lead guitarist.

Dave Davis - Lead Guitar and Harmony Vocals.

Started his career in Sydney in the early 60s playing with The Ricochets and has appeared with known artists Johnny OíKeefe, Warren Williams, Roland Storm and Slim Degrey. Dave has extensive experience in Rock and Country Rock and other music styles.
Dave is also a former member of Big Wheel and the Hubcaps
and the Rock íNí Rebels.

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