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The Rock 'N' Rebels Voted Best New Dance Band for Wintersun 2001

The Rock 'N' Rebels was formed in 1998 as a Rock 'n' Roll dance band by leader and founder Rick Harris.

The original members of the band were:-

  •   Rick Harris - Guitar and Vocals.

  • ♪  Bob Hely - Bass and Vocals.

  • ♪  Sylvia Sheedy - Drums.

  • ♪  Peter Harris - Guitar.

After a short period of backing Dyna Ray and playing some local gigs, Peter Harris left. The band then continued on as a three piece for some months. We then decided we needed a good lead guitarist and singer. We settled for Trevor White fresh from Inverell NSW as keen as hell, and a damn good Rock 'n' Roll guitar player.

We worked the Gold Coast and Brisbane Rock 'n' Roll Clubs until Wintersun 2000. By this time Bob Hely left to form his own band and was then replaced by Gary Dennis, who inturn was replaced by Lennie Berndt. Drummer Sylvia Sheedy left after Wintersun 2000 and was replaced by Keith Douglas.

Late 2000 the Rock 'n' Roll Clubs voted the band most popular Rock 'n' Roll Band in southern Queensland. Then at Wintersun 2001 came the national award, " Best New Rock 'n' Roll Dance Band".

The band has released 3 CD's "LIVE AT SEAGULLS", "FEEL THE BEAT" featuring the title song "Feel the Beat" written by Rick Harris. Our latest CD " THE BEST OF ROCK 'N' REBELS" released June 2002 with "Claudette" also on the 2002 Wintersun CD.

The Rock 'n' Rebels band members have remained the same since 2000 they are:-

  • ♪  Rick Harris - Guitar and Vocals.

  • ♪  Trevor White - Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals.

  • ♪  Lennie Berndt - Bass Vocals.

  • ♪  Keith Douglas - Drums and Lead Vocals.

With Lennie's Bass Vocals we feel that we have a band with a unique sound full of harmony, (similar to the Delltones).

The band has performed at  most of the main clubs throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast also at the last two Gympie Musters and will again play this year in August. We have also performed at Inverell, Glen Innes, Tenterfield and Ballina, Northern NSW to Hervey Bay and Bundaberg to Toowoomba in the West of Queensland and had the pleasure of playing at the Stanthorpe Apple and Grape  Festival.

The music the band plays is a basic 50's Rock 'n' Roll but if the audience requires a wider range we can do Ballard's from Engelbert, Tom Jones, Elvis and Roy Orbison and country music of Allan Jackson, Brooks and Dunn, The Mavericks, Dwight Yoakam and Merl Haggard.

For Bookings and CD's Phone:-
Rick:- 07 5503 0249    Mobile:- 0414 477 249

Check out the GIG GUIDE to see where were playing next...........           

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