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Brian   (Guitar/Vocals)

Brian  has  been  playing  guitar  since  he  was  14  years  old,  and  is  a  great fan of  the  classic  old  time  Rock  n  Roll.  He  has  jammed with  Johnny  OKeefes  Sax  player  &  Drummer, as  well  as  played  rhythm  guitar for  numerous  Brisbane  bands and  artists, due  to  his  vast  knowledge  of  the  songs  from  the  50s  &  60s.
Brian  was  invited  to  play  at  the 1st Rock  n  Roll  Tribute  show  at  Kedron/Wavell, & has performed  at  the  Wintersun  Rock  n  Roll  Festival,  and  is  also  on  the 
TBird tracks of  the  2001,  2002,  &  2003  Festival  CDs.


Terry  (Bass & Vocals)

Terry  has  been  playing  bass  for  many  years  &  emphasises  the  feeling  required to master  the  instrument.  He  has  played around Brisbane since the 6os &  has been  the main stay &  vocalist for many  well known Brisbane bands.
  has  performed  at  the  Wintersun  Rock  n  Roll  Festival,  and  is  also on the TBird tracks  of  the  2001, 2002, & 2003  Festival  CDs.


Jimmy (Lead Guitar)

Jimmy  brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the TBird line-up. He is well known and respected throughout the Brisbane music scene and was largely involved in the formation of the early Brisbane Rock n Roll trend. His inclusion in the TBird line-up reinforces the bands sound and commitment to the unforgettable songs of the 50s and 60s.
Jimmy has also appeared at the Wintersun Festival many times.


George (Drums)

George has been around the Brisbane scene for many years. His drumming style and patterns suit the Good Old Rock n Roll that TBird  are well known  for. George has the flair and ability to drive the music with great rhythms and danceable beats. His presence completes the line-up, and gives TBird the punch that brings the music alive.
George has also appeared at the  Wintersun Festival many times.


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